?What is Guaranteed Visa

Unfortunately, some of new institutes are widely advertising for guaranteed visa. According to the law and universal morality, visa issuance cannot be guaranteed by any person or organization and even consulates in the world.  Every document should be investigated by Consulate based on the rules and then the visa can be approved or disapproved. Institutes that are advertising this type of visa, generally have specific purposes. Their purposes are not clear, but may be one of the followings:

The visa cannot be guaranteed. The guarantee can just be about returning some of the money paid by the students to the institutes.

People advertising such visa, just want to make new experiences, so students may lose some good educational opportunities.

Institutes that are advertising such visas, just get admission from a specific university without considering the other opportunities for students.

However it’s recommended in such cases to do some search about the institutes’ experiences.

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

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