Spanish and English Online Classes in Daneshgostar Koohe Noor Institute

Since the development of communication technology has made the world to a world without any borders, nowadays knowing about different languages plays an important role in life style, job and education. In this regard, Dansh Gostar Koohe-Noor institute presents low-cost online courses for those interested in learning a new language. In these courses, the communication between teacher and students is made by online high-tech software systems.

Danesh Gostar Koohe-Noor institute is equipped with high-tech software and hardware systems. Educational menus, multimedia images, description of the software and also lots of different and unique programs have been designed in these soft wares.

Online courses have been welcomed by most people whole around the world. These classes designed in the form of classroom have advantages over in-person classes. On an average, the duration lasts between1 to 2 month. These classes have been arranged from beginner to advanced level. There are also online preparation classes for IELTS, TOEFL and DELE exams.

With regard to low price, high quality and availability of online classes over in-person, we suggest them to students. The time of registration will be announced alternatively in our web site. Since the capacity of classes are limited, it is recommended to reserve your course before the end of registration period. The quality of teaching methods will be guaranteed.

Thursday, 10 June, 2015

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